Our Fees

Migration Agent Fees and Other Charges

We generally prefer fixed rate agreements. By fixing our fees you are assured that we are outcomes focused on achieving your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.  By choosing our fixed fee service you always know what our charges will be, keeping you in control of costs and ensuring there are no surprises along the way to your immigration matter being decided. However, if you do not wish to enter a fixed rate agreement we are equally happy to bill for our service on an hourly basis.

Our final fees will depend on your personal situation and visa requirements.  As a part of your consultation you will receive a detailed written quote outlining all fees and charges you need to consider when applying for a visa. You will receive an estimate on the total including all departmental and government charges, our fees and other charges, such as translations and police clearances.

Please feel free to contact us at 0421 981 619 on our professional fees, or leave your message using the Inquiry Form.